• CEO Message
    The vision of Form 2000 is to become a tool design and manufacturing supplier with international recognition and global understanding.
  • Mission Statement
    To supply the required tooling and pre-series parts of auto industry in right quality, promptly and at attractive prices.
    - To support the Turkish auto industry leading towards international markets by providing new product development and tool design services.
    - To devise and organize technology training programs for personnel employed in product development and tool design so become a knowledge center of the subject.
  • Company Background
    - BYM was established to promote and render CAD/CAM/CAE services in 1989.
    - Form 2000 was established as advanced CNC milling shop for complex freeform surface production in 1993.
    - Form 2000 moved and expanded its operation to specialize on large size press tooling at new premises in 2001.
    - First press tooling export (7 parts 31 pieces of dies) to TKA Lanelli, UK in 2002.• BYM built Supercomputing computer platform (16 Nodes 32 CPUs) for high precision and fast simulation analysis for sheet metal forming and crash tests in 2003 exported its first tooling design to Laeple, Ireland in 2003.
    - Form 2000 has repeat clients in Germany, France, Spain and UK for press tooling supply since 2005.

Adres: İstanbul Anadolu Yakası Organize Sanayi Bölgesi 9. Sokak No:3 TUZLA - İSTANBUL
Tel: (0216) 593 12 95

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